COVID-19 Prevention

Princeton Piano Studio COVID Prevention Protocols – Updated 6.28.22

1. Students who have ANY symptoms of COVID, have been in contact with someone who has COVID, or have family members with any COVID symptoms may not attend in person classes and should let the teacher know that they will need to have their classes by video (if they feel well enough) until it is safe for them to resume attending in person.

2. Lesson Credit for Missed Lessons: any students who misses a lesson due to COVID symptoms (that could not be made up via video) will receive $20 credit towards their next month of piano lessons as reimbursement for the missed lesson.

3. Hand sanitizer is available for students to use. Masks are optional. Teacher will wear a mask if requested by a student/family to do so.

4. Cleaning Guidelines: Window will remain open during lessons, a HEPA/UV air purifier will be running the entire time (filters in-room air 4x per hour, killing viruses and bacteria), and piano bench and keyboard will be sanitized with EPA-registered cleaners for COVID before each student.