COVID-19 Prevention

Princeton Piano Studio COVID Prevention Protocols – Updated 3.2.2021

  1. Students who have ANY symptoms of COVID, have been in contact with someone who has COVID, or have family members with any COVID symptoms may not attend in person classes and should let the teacher know that they will need to have their classes by video (if they feel well enough) until it is safe for them to resume attending in person. Symptoms that fall into this category may be found here:

2. Lesson Credit for Missed Lessons: any students who misses a lesson due to COVID symptoms (that could not be made up via video) will receive $20 credit towards their next month of piano lessons as reimbursement for the missed lesson. Credit will be given if the student OR anyone in the student’s home has at least 1 symptom of COVID.

3. All students must wear a masks properly over their nose and mouth during their entire lesson. (teacher will also wear a mask and maintain as much distance as is feasible). This is in accordance with current CDC guidelines.

4. All students will be temperature checked upon arrival. Students with a temperature of 99.5 or over will not be allowed to have an in-person lesson and can reschedule a video lesson to make up the missed class if schedules allow. Students will also be asked brief screening questions regarding any respiratory symptoms or any exposure to COVID.

5. All students must use hand sanitizer upon arrival. (teacher will also sanitize hands between every student)

6. Limit the number of family members who come in to the lesson. A parent is always welcome to accompany students but in order to limit exposure, families are asked to limit the number of family members who accompany a student to one.

7. Lessons missed in person due to illness (COVID included) may be conducted via video at the usual time if the student is feeling well enough. Per usual studio policies, make-up lessons due to student illness are not guaranteed but teacher will offer to make them up if schedule allows.

8. Cleaning Guidelines – IN-HOME: Window will remain open during lessons, a HEPA/UV air purifier will be running the entire time (filters in-room air 4x per hour, killing viruses and bacteria), and piano bench and keyboard will be sanitized with EPA-registered cleaners for COVID before each student. IMPORTANT – Students need to use the restroom before coming to lessons in my home as I don’t have a restroom I can make available for students to use at this time.

9. Cleaning Guidelines – AT CHURCH: Piano bench and keyboard will be sanitized with EPA-registered cleaners for COVID before each student. Lessons will be conducted in big space (church sanctuary) so air flow/air quality is not a concern.

All students/families must sign the above guidelines before returning to in-person lessons. By signing, you accept that in-person lessons may be suspended without tuition reimbursement for your family if your student/family fails to abide by the guidelines outlined above. You also acknowledge that all studio guidelines outlined on the studio website also remain in place at this time and agree to abide by them also. Lastly, by signing, you absolve Princeton Piano Studio and all teachers of any liability in the event that your family contracts COVID-19 while attending in-person lessons.