Student Expectations

Student Expectations
Daily Practice: Practice is essential to develop any new skill. As students practice and continue to grow their musical skills, they feel the reward of mastering a new challenge. Weekly practice assignments are outlined in the student’s notebook and are based upon the successes and challenges exhibited by the student during the lesson.

Attendance: Regular, on-time attendance with a polished assignment. Being on time and prepared allows the student to gain the most benefits from the lesson. Students should bring all books and materials to every lesson.

Hands Ready to Play: Short fingernails help students to practice proper technique. Students should also wash their hands before coming to their lessons.

Parent/Guardian Expectations
In the lesson: It is up to you as the parent whether or not you want to attend your child’s lesson, providing your child is age 6 or older. If your child is under the age of 6, please plan to attend the lessons as young children cannot practice on their own and need their parent’s help. Being present in the lesson will allow you to have a better understanding of what your child is working on.

At home: Help your students develop a good practice routine at home. Your child should be practicing 20-30 minutes daily (at least 5x per week) if they are a beginner and 30-45 minutes daily if they are an intermediate student. Children under the age of 10 often need parents to be close by while they practice in order to help keep them on track and focused. Practicing may be broken up into 2-3 smaller time frames if that is helpful to the student. You and your student should work together to determine the practice routine that works best for you!

Parking, Drop-off, and Pickup
Please park in the studio driveway if possible. If the driveway spots are full, you may park on the street. Please avoid using or blocking the neighbors’ driveway. Students are welcome to arrive a few minutes early. I cannot keep students over time if we begin late.

NOTE: Please do not drop off more than 5 minutes early or pick up late. Due to my teaching schedule, I cannot supervise children who are very early or are waiting to be picked up. It is your responsibility to supervise your child both before and after their scheduled lesson time.

Home Studio Guidelines
We are a home studio. We hope that students feel that it is a welcoming space.
In order to keep it that way, here are some boundaries to keep in mind.

Students & Families may:
Use the restroom
Wait quietly in the studio area or on the front porch
Remove shoes or keep them on (if it is raining, please remove shoes)
Sit outside on the back porch while waiting for lessons to finish

Please be mindful:
Respect my home, family, and belongings by staying focused on your lesson and in the studio sitting area.
Respect the lessons that come after yours by not remaining long after your scheduled lesson time.
Keep actions safe – please no running, jumping, or climbing inside
Phone conversations should be kept outside
Siblings need to be supervised by parents/guardians in the studio area at all times
If you choose to run an errand, please make it short, as this a very common reason for late pick-up.
Do not disturb neighbors or go to the pool.