Studio Policies

Tuition – In Studio
30 minute lesson $120/month
45 minute lesson $160/month
60 minute lesson $200/month

Tuition – In Student’s Home
30 minute lesson $140+/month
45 minute lesson $180+/month
60 minute lesson $220+/month

Students who live within 1 mile from the studio pay the studio rate for in-home lessons.
Starting rates assume student is 1-3 miles from the studio. A fee of $2 for each mile over 3 miles will be added to the monthly tuition rate if applicable. Teacher reserves the right to decline to offer in-home lessons and require in-studio lessons if student lives far or scheduling makes in-home lessons impossible

Tuition – Skype or FaceTime
30 minute lesson $100/month
45 minute lesson $145/month
60 minute lesson $165/month

Billing Policy
Payment is due monthly. Accepted payment methods are cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, Cash app, or Apple Pay. If payment is not received by the first lesson of the month, it is considered late. A $5 fee will be assessed for each day the payment is considered late and lessons will not resume for the month until the tuition payment is made. Students are still responsible to pay for any missed lessons due to late payment in addition to the $5/day late fee.

Make-up/Missed Lessons
The studio does not provide make-up lessons or tuition reimbursement for lessons missed by the student, EXCEPT for lessons missed due to COVID-19 related circumstances (more details on our COVID page). Special accommodations as far as refunds/make-up lessons may be made in working with the teacher on a case-by-case basis if you are planning to go on vacation during the summer months. Make-up lessons/refunds are issued at the teacher’s discretion. Letting the teacher know in advance of any summer vacation plans may help increase your chance of receiving a make-up class or tuition reimbursement.

Studio Vacation: Tuition is based on 43-44 lessons per calendar year and divided by 12 so that the monthly cost is the same each month, regardless of if the month includes a scheduled vacation. The weeks/holidays during which the studio will be closed are the following: spring break (1 week, sometime in March or April – please note it is impossible for the conservatory to align with all of the different spring breaks offered by the numerous school districts in the north Dallas area), July 4th (1 week), Thanksgiving (1 week), Christmas/New Years (2 weeks), and up to 3-4 weeks of summer vacation (taken at different times anytime from May – August). No make-up lessons or tuition reimbursement is given for these planned holidays/vacation times. Make-up lessons or partial tuition reimbursement will be given for any additional weeks that the conservatory is closed beyond these planned 8-9 weeks. Advanced notice will be given to students regarding when spring break and summer vacation weeks will be taken.

Illness: Please do not attend your lesson if you are ill. If a student shows signs of being contagious, the parent or guardian will be contacted for immediate pick-up, and the lesson will not be given. Lessons may also be canceled for teacher illness. If the teacher is ill, an attempt will be made to get a substitute instructor but this is not guaranteed. Lessons missed due to teacher illness will be made up if a substitute teacher can not be secured or a portion of tuition will be refunded (whether to offer make up lessons or reimburse part of tuition is at the individual teacher’s discretion). Special protocols and accommodations are made for anyone ill with COVID-19 – please see the COVID-19 page for this information.

Books and Supplies: Students must have an instrument at home on which to practice. The studio provides each student with a notebook. The teacher will write lesson notes in the notebook. Music books are purchased by the student after receiving information on what to purchase from the teacher. If the student does not want to purchase books, they may request that the teacher purchase them, providing they render payment for the books prior to the order being placed. We also offer a books package ($30) which can be purchased at the start of lessons in which the studio will purchase the first set of books for the student and have them ready for the first lesson.

Withdrawal from Lessons: Give the studio as much advance notice as possible if you need to withdraw from lessons. Please note that if you choose to withdraw in the middle of a month, no tuition will be refunded.

Discontinuation by the Studio: In an extreme situation, the studio reserves the right to discontinue lessons with a student at any time. Disrespect, continual lateness or absenteeism, or an ongoing breach of any studio policy may result in discontinuation. In this case, any tuition paid will not be refunded.